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Our HACCP and ISO certified kitchen has 25,000 square feet of cooking space - plenty to prepare your nutritious and delicious meals. Every day, our kitchen receive a delivery of fresh wholesome ingredients.

Our expert chefs transform them into tasty meals and send them straight to your door. All in under 24 hours.

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At Kcal Extra, we are dedicated to delivering delicious and exciting meals that will help you achieve your weight loss goals. We handle the prep, the cooking and the delivery so your job is just to enjoy the food.

We provide calorie controlled, high protein meals that are also low in carbohydrates. Made from the freshest ingredients, and free from sugars, processed flours, and unhealthy fats, our meals are sure to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Our meal plan programme is the most popular in UAE. Hundreds have already reaped the benefits, and you could be next.

With Kcal Extra, you can:

  • check_circle Modify your meals in your own customised dashboard
  • check_circle Adjust meals for allergies or taste at no extra cost
  • check_circle Choose a 2hr delivery slot to suit your schedule
  • check_circle Call our support hotline at any time

Why Kcal Extra Is The UAE’s #1 Meal Plan Delivery Service

  • High quality, nutritionally balanced meals with no additives, preservatives or refined ingredients

  • Over 800 international and Arabic dishes to choose from, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

  • Personalised, flexible meal plans – change your menu or pause your plan at any time with just a few clicks

  • Convenient daily delivery to your home or office – save on shopping trips (and washing-up!)

  • All meals freshly prepared each day in our award-winning, HACCP and ISO certified kitchen

  • Enjoy a healthier lifestyle – with customised plans for weight loss, weight management and muscle building

Success Stories

The best results. The happiest customers.

  • Being an athlete and a coach, high quality nutrition is very important to me. Kcal provides not only a variety of healthy tasty food but it also provides the exact macros of the food I’m eating including the calories, protein, carbs, and fat making sure I stay on track with my fitness goals.

  • “I have been on the Kcal extra plan for four months and it has been a great journey, I lost 16Kg! Like every journey it started with a lot excitement and motivation. I met with the Kcal team and they created a plan to fit my needs and regularly called me to make sure everything was going fine. It was not always easy but I was able to focus on my goals. Four months later I realize that without the team's constant support I would have given up a while ago. Thank you Kcal.” *

  • The way my daily meals are designed by my nutritionist makes it much easier for me to tackle my day and avoid any impulse purchases. I thought that I would be thinking about food all day long, but really the only time I do is when I open the door to go to work and I pick it up. Results? 3 weeks in, 3 KG out. *

  • “I look forward to my Kcal delivery every morning, there is always a treat; either a new dish to try or one of my favourites. For me, it's important to have healthy food with the right balance of protein, carbs, fibers etc. Kcal is able to provide this with such a wide variety of different dishes that I would never be able to create myself.” *

  • ”It has been an amazing journey with Kcal. Over 2 months, I have lost around 12 kgs, I’m very satisfied, I can wear my fave suits now without any struggle. Also, the very wide variety of meals prepared for me every day was really enjoyable, tasty and healthy. Massive thanks to Kcal for keeping me committed to my weight loss journey and for helping me achieve my desired goal of getting fit physically and mentally.” *

  • “I think the food is amazing! It doesn't feel like I'm on a diet at all. I am full constantly and never hungry. The food is tasty and sooooooooo fresh! …I have way more energy and my colleagues and friends have said my skin is glowing!” *

    Kcal Extra Customer
  • “I never thought healthy food could taste so good! A big thanks to the team for helping me get on my way to being healthy and happy.” *

    Kcal Extra Customer
  • “Since joining your plan I have reduced my cholesterol levels (which I never realized were so high) and lost more weight than I anticipated (8kg in 2 months)… Not only that but also my energy levels have increased dramatically and even my sleeping has become much better! The food so far has been fantastic and the after service is amazing!” *

    Kcal Extra Customer
  • “The food options were a big surprise. I never thought healthy could taste good! A big thanks to the team for helping me get on my way to being healthy and happy” *

    Kcal Extra Customer
  • “After completing 4 months and losing 16 kg I can confidently answer that yes it worked, the plan is perfectly balanced and the variety is amazing. I am extremely happy with the food, the customer service and the nutritional consultancy provided” *

    Kcal Extra Customer
  • “The tastiest, hassle-free, fresh, enjoyable, wide- selection dining experience anyone could ask for. I never imagined that losing weight could be so much fun” *

    Kcal Extra Customer
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