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Weight Loss Plans

Meal plans to help you lose weight and keep it off

Enjoy a encyclopedia of delicious and healthy dishes from around the globe.


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Chef Osama’s favourite dishes from around the world.


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The Diabetic Plan can help you regain control of your health.


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A variety of delicious vegetable based dishes that will have you loving life.


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A variety of your favorite dishes that are all gluten free and delicious.


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The New Mums is perfect for those busy moms who need help getting back to their pre-baby weight.


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Weight Management & Muscle Building

Meal plans to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle

The Wellness Plan has been designed for those who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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This plan has been created for those who are looking for an extra kick to their regime.


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Kcal Extra’s freshly prepared nutritious meal plans can be enjoyed as part of your weight loss or weight management lifestyle

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Kcal Extra meal plans now available for delivery in Ras Al Khaimah

The key to achieving better health is eating the right kind of food every day. The problem is, not everyone has the time or the knowledge to prepare meals that provide the right nutrients on a daily basis. No worries, because that’s what Kcal Extra is all about!
As a healthy lifestyle and food company, we are determined to support you in achieving better health by creating the perfect meal plan for you, and delivering it right to your doorstep!

Carefully prepared meal plans for better fitness

Kcal Extra is home to some of the best nutritionists in the country today, and we are here to help you get more out of life by recalibrating one of the most fundamental building blocks to better health – your daily dietary intake. We believe infusing your body with the right mix of carbohydrates, proteins, fibres, and healthy fats can help you achieve your personal fitness goals.

To this end, we have created three general meal plans that provide varying levels of nourishment: The Weight Loss Plan, the Weight Management Plan, and the Muscle Building Plan. Depending on whether you’re looking to gain muscle, maintain a healthy physique, or shed extra pounds, you can choose from either one, and Kcal Extra can take care of everything else!

We will make sure you get the right amount of nutrients packed in every single savoury serving for you to enjoy, and we will have it delivered to your location in Ras Al Khaimah, at your convenience. We will redefine fast food delivery as you know it!

We will personalise your meal plan for you to enjoy and benefit from

Different people have different physical makeups. That is why we offer a consultation with one of our Kcal nutritionists, when you sign up for a monthly meal plan. An initial meeting will allow us to know you better – what you like to eat, what your weight is, what your physical measurements are, and what your body fat percentage is. From this information, we can chart out your fitness goals as well as the foods that can be included in your dietary plan to help you achieve them.

Enjoy every step of your journey to better health with Kcal Extra! Sign up with us today or call us at 04 434 4111 for more information.

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