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Athlete Plan Daily calorie intake:1800-2300
Extra "Athlete" is made for those who are looking for that extra kick in their diet. A healthy diet for an athlete is not just about eating additional calories - it's about eating nutritionally dense calories, full of the vitamins and nutrients necessary to help their bodies perform at its best. Perhaps you are looking to bulk or even get ripped. If so this plan is for you! No blood tests, no consultation just enroll today and you're Set-to-go!


  • Personalized, balanced meal plans with 1 month of
    delicious food. Including breakfast, Lunch, dinner and 2 snacks delivered daily to your door.
  • Initial Consultation with our registered dietician which includes our goal setter and progress reports.
  • Weigh in to take your current stats and compare them
    to your end results.
  • Mid Consultation over the telephone from our dietician
  • Final Weigh in to see how much weight you lost and set goals for the following month.
  • Support throughout the whole plan from the whole Kcal extra team.

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