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A healthy taste of every continent with all your favourites.
Chef Hala
Levantine inspired dishes curated by Chef Hala Ayesh.
Control your blood sugar with low GI meals.
Free from animal protein, packed with flavour.
Healthy meals made without wheat or gluten.
New Mums
Everything you need to revitalise your body.

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Maintain a healthy weight and busy lifestyle.
Build muscle and reach your goals the right way.
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At Kcal Extra, we take weight management. As such, we take pride in being one of the best meal plan companies in the UAE focused on revolutionising the diet food industry and healthy food delivery. With us, you are sure to become your best self with daily, weekly and monthly meal plans that are freshly cooked, wholesome and tasty all at the same time.

Take charge of your health & weight with our meal plans in dubai

The team at Kcal Extra takes it as a passion to help our clients take charge of their overall well-being without ever having to compromise on service, quality, convenience or choice. For this, we are more than willing to go the extra mile to help you make lifestyle changes that are simple and sustainable. Whether you are interested in losing weight, or just want to achieve your fitness goals, we are here to present healthy and tasty meal options that provide all the necessary nutrients while helping you cut down those extra pounds, get back and stay in shape!

For us, it is important for you to enjoy every single meal, and that is something we achieve through our diverse and exciting menu. With the delicious monthly meal plans in Dubai that we offer, there’s no longer the need for you to believe the ‘healthy food is tasteless and time-consuming’ because we’ve bust that myth for you.

Freshly prepared & nutrition-packed meals

Kcal Extra’s menu is based on over 800 meal and snack options and you have the ability to customise your plan based on your individual preferences and requirements. Check out our plans and choose the one that best matches your fitness goals, along with the frequency of your food delivery.

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If you lead a busy life and find it hard to fit healthy eating into your schedule, then feel free to get in touch with our expert nutritionist at 800-EXTRA (39872) right now or place a healthy meal delivery order through our website. We are here to serve everyone interested in tasty, calorie-controlled and cost-effective food!

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