Welcome to Kcal group

Welcome to a world where food is packed with nutrients, dishes burst with flavour, and the food? Delicious, yet healthy! Dishes are specially
designed with a guarantee of being less than 300 calories! An all-encompassing menu presents a colorful selection of hand picked, mouthwatering dishes inspired from favorites around the globe. A place where healthy food equals variety,
sustenance and delectability. Does this sound like
an unrealistic utopia? Not to us!
Welcome to Kcal!

Kcal Group
“To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be
able to keep our mind strong and clear.” – Buddha

A healthy and balanced diet should consist of the perfect harmony of energizing carbohydrates, healthy fats, complete proteins and essential vitamins and minerals. A healthy diet coupled with a physically proactive lifestyle leads to a calm mind, body and soul. Let us watch your calories! So you don’t have to! 

Kcal Divisions

Healthy Fast Food
Restaurants for dine in and takeaway offering your healthy fast food! in various locations in Dubai. We are Dubai's first calorie controlled takeaway!
Bespoke meal plans delivered daily to your door on a monthly basis. A great weight loss solution at your convenience!
Healthy Catering
Catering services for events, weddings, businesses meetings and staff food. Healthy food all the time!